X4 Micro Charger (4x 1S, 4.2/4.35V)

X4 Micro Charger (4x 1S, 4.2/4.35V)

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The HTRC X4 Micro Charger is an easy-to-use 4-channel charger for 1S LiPo and LiHV packs with the common 1.25mm or 2mm Micro-JST plugs, or Losi/Walkera connectors.


  • Four independent charging ports
  • Four different connectors on each port
  • LED and sound indicate charging status
  • Adjustable charging current from 0.1-1.5A
  • AC/DC dual power input


  • AC Input Voltage: 100-240V (35-45W)-60HZ
  • DC Input Voltage: 11-15V (30-35W)
  • Charge Circuit Power: 4x6W (26W MAX) ±10%
  • Charge Current Range: 0.1-1.5A±10%
  • Battery type: 4x1 cell LiPO/LiHV
  • Battery connector type: Micro (aka Losi/Walkera), MicroR (same in reverse), MX (1.25mm), mCPX (PH2, 2mm, PowerWhoop)
  • Dimension: 132mmx100mmx50mm
  • Weight: 0.28kg

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