Whoopling - FrSky, BF3.2, 5.8GHz, OSD - all-in-one


Flight controller and camera - all in one!
A Whoopling is great way to hatch your very own custom Whoop at home.
Pre-built, pre-flashed, pre-configured!
Drop it onto your frame of choice, connect the motors and bind your transmitter.

- F3 processor, MPU6000 sensor
- integrated OSD
- pre-flashed with BF3.2
- FrSky receiver
- 20˚ camera tilt
- PH2 power plug

For more information and the latest firmware updates, please read this forum thread: https://community.micro-motor-warehouse.com/t/betaflight-3-2-final-on-betafpv-f3-osd-whoop/5043

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