Rambo Whoop Kit

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Here is the updated Rambo Whoop (May 2017): 

This is the original Rambo Whoop recipe from 2016, incl. flight footage:

Required equipment to fly this model: FrSky transmitter, 5.8Ghz video receiver, screen/goggles, battery charger.

This kit will see frequent updates, currently the following parts are included:
- E010S frame
- BeeBrain FC (FrSky)
- battery foam adapter
- PH2 pigtail
- camera/vTx
- 20˚ and 35˚ camera mount 
- 4x propeller (1 set) 

battery options:
- 4x 205mAh
- 4x 205mAh High Voltage
- 4x 255mAh High

motor options:
- 1 or 2 sets of CL-0615-17
- 1 or 2 sets of CL-0615-19

recommended tools for assembly:
- soldering iron with fine tip
- solder and flux
- SMD hot air gun (to melt keratin)

very small philips screw driver
- file
- wire cutter
- wire stripper
- exacto knife
- 5-minute epoxy
- keratin glue
- 3rd hand

FC preparation:
- flash FC with BF 3.0.1
- copy Dr. Whoop inverted recipe into CLI

frame preparations:
- snip back of battery tray
- insert battery foam

solder work:
- remove power connector from FC
- pre-tin power pads on FC
- solder pigtail to FC
- solder vTx to FC

glue work:
- glue cam to mount
- glue mount to FC
- glue antenna to frame


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