Parrot RS propellers (66mm/1mm)
Parrot RS propellers (66mm/1mm)

Parrot RS propellers (66mm/1mm)

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package size: 4pcs (2x CW, 2x CCW)

recommended for 0720-12 and 0820-15 motors


  • diameter: 66mm
  • bore: 1mm
  • weight: 0.35g/pcs

These are the original Parrot Rolling Spider propellers, straight from the Parrot distributor. They fit perfectly on 1mm shafts, and they are all well balanced. And the best thing: they are consistent.
Its sad, but consistency is a very rare feature for a micro prop.

These props have more punch than any other prop for 1mm shaft. That comes at a cost: 20-30% less efficiency than Hubsan props.

The plastic of these propellers is quite soft. They bend rather than splinter or break. They can be bent back after medium impact. 

Yes, you can run this prop on 0820-17 motors.
The results will be insane, but short-lived. You have been warned!
(if you are running this combo and your motors are not getting hot within seconds, you need stronger batteries!)


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