mylipo 150mAh/25C 1S (4.4g)

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The 150mah/25C pack from - same weight as the standard 150mah packs, but some good extra pep! Works in the Inductrix, in the Nano QX, and for all other models using 4-6g Lipos. 
Excellent performance, but shorter flight times.


  • cell count: 1
  • nominal voltage: 3.7V
  • capacity: 150mah
  • continuous discharge rating: 25C
  • dimensions: 42mm x 11mm x 5.5mm
  • weight: 4.4g
  • plug: Micro-JSTx

 Tip: To make these small 150mah packs sit well in the regular battery trays, flare out the seams on the sides of the battery with your finger nail. That will give it enough resistance to stay in.

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