microFPV all-in-one cam/vTx

$60.00 USD

A compact 10g-package, 32 channels, law-abiding 25mW output power, input power filter, and it runs on a single lipo cell, this is the ultimate all-in-one micro-FPV camera!

- video format: PAL
- camera: 90˚ or 120˚
- antenna: RHCP or LHCP cloverleaf
- vTx: 25mw, 32 channels (-> channel list with switch positions)
- voltage input: 3.0-4.0V
- dimensions: (41x13x13mm, without antenna)
   total height with antenna: 39mm
- weight: 10g

With a MC900 sensor, it delivers a sharp image with good contrast and excellent low light behaviour.
25mW Tx power allows use without radio license in many countries, and a 32 channel selector makes it compatible to all common 5.8GHz video receivers.

Instructions to focus and fix the lens:
- print out a focus pattern 
- focus the lens: turn back and forth until the blurry blob is as small as possible.
- add a drop of hot glue onto the lens thread to keep it in place. Once the lens is properly focused, it never needs to be changed again.

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EU customers, please note:
We will not stock this camera in our EU location.
If you want to purchase within Europe, please visit our partner microFPV.eu!

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