CL-0820-15-Omi coreless motor for Dromida Ominus

$8.00 USD

package size: 4pc (2x CW, 2x CCW)

With 2cm wires and Micro-JST-1.25 plugs, these motors plug straight into a Dromida Ominus (and his clone brothers, the Galaxy Visitor 6 and the Revell Rayvore), and with the optional plug adapter, you can use them on a Blade 180QX without soldering or crimping. Please order the connectors separately.

Dromida Ominus, Galaxy Visitor 6, Revell Rayvore - installation instructions:
- Take the pinions off the motors and turn them around ("neck" of pinions away from motor). Possible by hand, or with carefully levering with a small screwdriver.
- Screw feet off, swap motors. Color coding the same as stock. (Dromida labels their motors after the prop rotation, not the motor rotation!)
- Align the motor wires centrally when putting the motor holders back in place, or the wires will break!

Blade 180QX - installation instructions:
- plug one of these adapters onto each motor plug
- install the blue/red 0820-15 motors in place of the black/white stock motors
- align black and blue wires with green paint dots on the connectors

performance data:

  • speed: 15.000Kv
  • operating voltage: 1.5-3.7V
  • factory lifetime rating: 5-6 hours


  • can diameter: 8.5mm
  • can length: 20mm
  • shaft diameter: 1mm
  • shaft length: 5mm
  • weight: 4.9g 
  • housing: silver
  • pinion: 11T, polymer

    All motor packs contain equal amounts of clockwise and counter clockwise motors. To maximise performance and life span, dont run them in reverse! 

    Motor rotation and correct polarity is indicated by the wire color:
    clockwise: red +, blue -
    counter clockwise: white +, black -

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