CL-0617-25 coreless motor
CL-0617-25 coreless motor
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CL-0617-25 coreless motor

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  • speed: 25.000Kv
  • operating voltage: 1.5-3.7V
  • current draw under full load: 3.5A


  • can diameter: 6mm
  • can length: 17mm
  • shaft diameter: 0.8mm
  • shaft length: 5mm
  • weight: 1.9g 
  • wire length: 7cm
  • plugs: Micro-JST 1.25

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Insane and superb quality

At first I put 3 bladed KingKong 31mm propps on these motors, they get pretty hot with those. Now im running 2 blade 31mm in a Cockroach frame. Amazing and truly insane power. Motors come down at a reasonable temperature, they have lasted alot longer than I thought they would and still on my first set. After learning how to manage the power of these, my NewBeeDrone Gold feel weak and not enough. Would not recommend these for a beginner, its just too much insane power.


Too hot to fly

After breaking in and maintaining between cool downs I barely made it to 10 batts before it started getting to hot to fly, literally just seizes up mid flight and drops smh

Micro Motor Warehouse

Hi Nick, Im sorry to hear that! Please message us with your order number, and we will find a way to make up for it!

Ho J.

Ludicrous motors vs NewBeeDrone Gold motors vs 7x16mm motors

Have been happily flying with NewBeeDrone Gold motors for some time, using Frsky’s outdated and poorly designed XMF3E tiny whoop FC. I’ve settled on a stable set of PIDs with Betaflight 3.1.7, and a build that I’m very comfortable with. Wanted to test motors with more power, so tried the following: 1) 7x16mm 17500kv motors from betafpv (already reviewed by Benedikt, himself) 2) Ludicrous motors: CL-0617-25 Tested them both using the same platform: same FC, Betaflight 3.1.7, and PIDs and other settings The 7x16 motors come exactly as advertised and reviewed by Benedikt: more power, better throttle, no substantial loss of flight time. They are a bit heavier, so you definitely feel the added inertia. But this doesn't significantly impact the flight performance. The Ludicrous motors also come as advertised: great power, great throttle, not much more weight. Don’t really feel any extra intertia. A little harder to control (remember, I didn’t change the PIDs). The more difficult control I can live with, perhaps need some PID adjustment. However, biggest downside is a loss of ~ 1 minute of flight time, compared to the newBeedrone gold motors, and the 7x16 motors. I used the same 255Mah HV batteries for all tests. Impression: If reduced flight time (~1 min) is not a concern, than go for the ludicrous motors, for sheer power/weight ratio. If flight time is a concern, the 7x16mm motor is probably the sweet spot for power and flight time.

Tony L.


These motors offer amazing performance. I had a cw burn out on my prolly the 10th battery. Even though I always let them cool down between batteries at least an hour. Kinda disappointed

Micro Motor Warehouse

Hey Tony, please send us an email to with your order number and the wire color of that motor, we will replace it for you!

Ramon j.

Not why I expected.

The motors get hot and fall out of the sky. On paper they seem amazing, but the reality is that they are far from it. I actually wish I could get my money back. :unamused:

Micro Motor Warehouse

Hey Ramon, you *can* get your money back. But we'd much rather help you to get flying. Please send us an email with further details to your build to

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