CL-0615-14 motors, CCW, no plug

$1.00 USD

These are high quality CL-0615-14 motors that we have left over from a project, so we are passing them on for a dollar per motor.
The have 8cm wires and no plugs, and are all CCW. Apart form that, specs are like on this regular production motor:
They are intended to run CCW (white=positive, black=negative), but if you follow the instructions, you get almost no performance or lifetime penalty, and you can use 4 of these motors to build a multicopter by running half the motors CW with reverse polarity.
The important part when running them in reverse: run them in reverse all the time! Not CCW for a while, then CW later. If you want to spin a motor CW, reverse the voltage and run it CW for its complete lifetime. If you change direction later on, the motor is more likely to fail quickly.

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