Carbon Micro-H - 135mm frame

This is the complete kit for the 135mm Micro-H Carbon frame by QuadFlyer,
designed and developed with the folks from the, produced with high quality material and amazing attention to detail by SmartShapes.

- 1mm carbon base plate
- 0.5mm carbon accessory plate
- 8.5mm motor holders, made of POM (polyoxymethylen, aka Delrin)
- 2mm screws
- 2mm nuts
- 10mm spacers (POM)
- weight: 11g (nylon hardware), 15g (steel hardware)
- diagonal motor shaft distance: 135mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Great Frame! Takes a beating

This isn't the lightest frame (11g) but it sure does take a beating! Have crashed it many times and it keeps on ticking. Really love the look of it too, reminds me of a tiny sized 250 racer.

Love the frame

Really enjoying the frame and 0820-15 motor combo. Acro is my new best friend! My mind is being taken over by the Alien invasion.

Great frame

Frame is light and durable. The only issue I would say was how difficult it was to fit the motors into the motor mounts. The fit is so tight that it feels like they will break or that possibly they were meant for 7.5mm. I had to lightly shave the inside to fit my dark motors. One motor became damaged in a crash and I broke the mount trying to get the old one out. If this was a better fit I would give the frame 5 stars. But now j need to try to make or buy just replacement mounts

0720 motors (fast)--Micro-H 8.5

Purchased all above and pleased with all. The 720s absolutely kill it.

Cute as expected

The frame is as cute as expected and lightweight. It's also more expensive than expected. $25 for shipping in the EU from EU Warehouse WaAaOuaHHHH !!!

Futhermore with 4 motors feet it would be a true "complete kit". Now i'm afraid to order them. Guess why ?

For the motors i didn't test yet. I'm waiting to have all the conponents before building. That's include motor feet.

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