Brain adapter for Parrot RS frame


Out of stock? Sorry for that! 
You can also order the adapter at shapeways.

- material: nylon
- weight: 2.7g
- color: white
- fits Parrot Rolling Spider and Parrot Cargo frames
- maximum FC dimensions: 36x27mm

This adapter is designed to mount a AlienWii "Narrow Classic" Brushed FC into a Parrot Rolling Spider frame. If you want to use a different FC, it should be not more than 27mm wide and 36mm long. Hubsan FC, Micro MWC and scisky fit.

Instead of the tiny screws, it is using rubber bands (not included!) to keep things together.
Search for "transparent hair bands 100pcs" on ebay, you get a handful for less than a dollar shipped. 

Want to print it yourself? You can get the file here:

Our version is printed with nylon in a laser sintering process, and weighs 2.7g. Tough as a $2 steak!
Printed from solid ABS, it will weigh 3.5-4g.

And here is how to use it:

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