7x16 Whoop Kit

$100.00 USD

Please note: kits with batteries can only be shipped within US and Australia! If you are in Europe, we suggest to purchase your kit here, and 205mAh HV batteries at mylipo.de.

kit contains:
- Beta65S frame
- VM2751 camera/vTx
- 20º camera mount
- BetaFPV F3 FC (FrSky, OSD)
- 1 set CL-0716-17 motors
- Whoop props (1 set)
-  4x 255mAh High Voltage Batteries (Optional)

recommended tools/parts for assembly:
- soldering iron with fine tip
- solder and flux
- SMD hot air gun (to melt keratin)

very small philips screw driver
- wire cutter/stripper
- 2mm zip-tie (to fix cam to mount)
- keratin glue, the soft variety (similar to hot glue, but better)
- glue-lined 6mm heat shrink (to protect antenna joint)
- 3rd hand (e.g. thejigsup.com)

FC preparation:
- flash FC with BF 3.2
- copy BF3.2 inverted settings dump into CLI
- bind receiver, test input channels, set modes

solder work:
- pre-tin 4 pads on FC
- solder 4 camera wires to FC

final assembly:
- zip-tie cam to mount
- glue mount to FC
- glue antenna to frame


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