7x16 Whoop conversion kit

$50.00 USD

This is a conversion kit to turn your tired Whoop into a beast!

Same size frame, but 7mm motors give this quad more power and more flight time than your regular 6mm Whoop.

this kit contains:

- X-Racer X-1 frame (better than the E011 frame!)
- CL-0716-17 motors
- 4x 255mAh HV mylipo batteries
- PH2 pigtail

not included:
- flight controller
- camera/vTx
- propeller

This conversion works with the Inductrix FC, the Inductrix FPV FC, the Inductrix FPV Pro FC, and all programmable Whoop-style FCs.
Standard Whoop propeller (for 0.8mm shaft) will fit.

here is some onboard footage:


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