setup guide: Jumper T8SG v2+

Transmitter general configuration:

  • To power the transmitter, you need either 4xAA batteries, or a 2S lipo pack with a standard balance connector.
  • For initial setup, connect the controller with the included mini-USB cable to a computer, and activate the USB storage mode by using menu option 3. The T8SG will register as USB storage device.
  • Download this TX.ini file and copy it onto the main directory of the USB device.
  • Press ENT to end USB mode
  • Press EXIT to leave the USB menu
  • Go to "2. Transmitter menu" and then to "1. Transmitter config"
  • select "Calibrate" and follow the instructions on the screen


model specific configuration:

  • the configuration for each model is stored in the MODELx.INI files in the MODELS folder.
  • if you have several identical models, you can use the same model slot on the transmitter
  • if you have different models, you need to assign a model slot per model
  • go to the model page(s), and download the MODEL1.INI file for your model
  • if are downloading multiple model files, rename the additional files to MODEL2.INI, MODEL3.INI etc.
  • copy the files into the MODELS folder on the transmitter USB storage (as per transmitter configuration above)