RTF-kit - setup instructions



Transmitter setup:

  • To power the transmitter, you need either 4xAA batteries, or a 2S lipo pack with a standard balance connector.
  • For initial setup, connect the controller with the included mini-USB cable to a computer, and activate the USB storage mode by using menu option 3. The T8SG will register as USB storage device.
  • Copy the following TX.ini onto the main directory of the USB device, and MODEL1.INI to the "models" folder.


Monitor setup:

The monitor/receiver has an internal battery and comes with a charging power supply. Charge it for 1h, and it will run for 1-2 hours. To run it for longer, keep the power supply plugged in.

When you turn the monitor on the first time, do the following steps:

  • long-press MENU (middle button) to enter the menu
  • then short-press MENU until VOLUME is selected
  • press CH+ until VOLUME is at 0
  • adjust image parameters to your preferences

To set the receiver to the correct mode and channel, follow these steps:

  • short-press MENU to switch between input sources, i.e. (A -> B -> AV -> DIVERSITY), until you can read "DIVERSITY" on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • short-press the SEARCH button to find strong signals automatically
  • if you know your video frequency, use the BAND+ and CH+ buttons to set your frequency manually

Battery charging:

  • Power the charger either with a 12V power source, or directly with 100-240V grid power.
  • Plug one battery into each port
  • Adjust the charging current to match the size of your battery. "1C charging" is recommended to get the maximum shelf life out of your batteries, i.e. you charge a 255mAh battery with 0.25A, and a 600mAh battery with 0.6A
  • At this rate, a complete charge will take around 40-50 minutes.
  • For 4.2V batteries, select "LiPo", for 4.35V batteries, select "LiHV"  


Model setup:

Depending on your kit choice, you will either have a kit that you need to assemble, or a BnF (bind and fly) model. As part of the kit assembly, you will need to configure the flight controller.
The BnF models will come pre-configured, but you can also use the following steps to update or modify the configuration:

  • install the BetaFlight Configurator onto a Mac or Windows PC
  • follow driver installation instructions for your platform
  • connect the flight controller to the computer using a micro-USB cable
  • click "CONNECT" in the configurator, and then select CLI
  • type "version" to check for the installed firmware version
  • copy and paste the CLI dump (setting list) for your version of the firmware

For each model, the correct firmware version and setting list is different.
Please check on the model pages for individual instructions.