Got a 3D printer

Come over to our Thingiverse page for some freebies!

Got no 3D printer?
Need something printed?

Checkout Zippin Designs for custom micro designs and printing services!

Looking for batteries?

Here are Benedikt's favourite packs:
160mah/5g (HobbyKing)
205mah/6g   (
300mah/10g (Hobbyking)
430mah/12g   (
500mah/15g  (Banggood)
600mah/15g   (
750mah/19g (HobbyKing)

Battery weight should match motor capacity.
Here is a rough guide to choose your battery:

CL-0615 motors in direct drive: 4-6g 
CL-0615 in geared drive (Syma X11): 5-10g
CL-0720 in direct drive (Hubsan 107L): 8-15g
CL-0720 in geared drive (Syma X5C): 10-20g
CL-0820 in direct drive (Hubsan 107C): 12-20g
CL-0820 in geared drive (Blade 180QX): 15-25g


Keen on more frames?

Have a look what our friends at and smartshapes have!

Want a good charger?

The Hitec Micro X4 charger is awesome!

Need propellers?

Here are Benedikt's favourite propellers:

clear Hubsan propellers, 55mm, very tough (ebay)
RollingSpider props, 66mm, the heavy lifter (Parrot)
v252 propellers, 55mm, durable, long hub (MassiveRC)
HM830 propellers, durable, for 0.8mm shaft (Banggood)

Want to protect your 0820 motors?

Grab some 3/8" thread protectors!

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