micro FPV events are much easier to organize that "full-size" events, because they need less space and less precautions. A typical full-size racing quad has 3-5" propellers, weighs a few hundred grams, can travel at speeds of more than 100km/h and poses serious risk of injury. To run these vehicles in a competition, you need a fenced-off area, protected pilot seats, permits and insurance.

A 30g ducted micro quad will not hurt a person, and you can literally have a race in your local bar.

  • Racing provides the most fun if the playing field is level, so we have created the "micro7 spec rules", a set of hardware regulations that make sure all vehicles have similar performance.
  • To help you finding a near-by racing venue (and for organizers to publish their event), we have setup a public micro FPV event calendar for you.
  • If you need equipment, we are offering parts, spec-approved models, and complete equipment kits for individuals and clubs.