Due to overwhelming request, this flight controller is being made available to fellow hobbyists. We (manufacturer and retailer) do not provide individual setup and configuration support.

By purchasing this controller, you agree to the following disclaimer:

The AlienWii flight controller can be used in conjuction with MultiWii (firmware), Arduino (IDE) and MultiWiiConf (setup utility). We install the MultiWii 2.3 as a service to you. By purchasing and using this controller you accept the MultiWii open source license (GPL).

This not a completely Ready-To-Use (RTU) flight controller. It is an experimental hardware platform intended for hobbyists. If tinkering, experimenting, firmware flashing and configuration screens scare you, an RTU flight controller is a better choice for you.

We assume no responsibility for damage to the board after it has been received in working condition. We also disclaim liability for any damages and/or injury resulting from use or misuse of this board.

The following are examples including but not limited to how this flight controller can be damaged or misconfigured:  

  • use of configuration software other than MultiWii version 2.3 
  • use of an unsuitable firmware powering controller with less than 3.3V (e.g. through draining a battery below that voltage) 
  • powering controller with more than 5V 
  • reversing battery polarity 
  • crashing 
  • connecting damaged motors 
  • stalling motors 
  • soldering, replacing components on, or otherwise modifying the board

The resulting problems, such as malfunction, corrupted memory or damaged components,
are considered “normal” and common for an experimental platform.
As such, the user should expect to perform diagnostics and or related repair themselves, and conduct all flight experiments with appropriate safety precautions and in a safe environment, to prevent injury to persons or animals or damage to property.

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