6-way serial charge cable - JST-PH-2.0
6-way serial charge cable - JST-PH-2.0

6-way serial charge cable - JST-PH-2.0

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Charge 6 single-cell lipo batteries at once - with a regular hobby charger.
This serial charge cable is compatible with our PH2 batteries, and terminates in standard 4mm bullet connectors and a 6S balance plug.

This adapter is made with the finest ingredients and with great attention to detail. The best plugs, the thickest wire, and a high quality silicon coating. 

- plug cable into charger
- connect 6 discharged batteries
- charge at 6S voltage and 1C current

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Thomas H.
I actually got it!

I just wrote a review about not recieving this cable for 4 months YESTERDAY! but out of the blue one has shown up in the mail restoring my faith in this store (it's from March so they must have sent it after a ticket and not let me know..) but im glad they came through for me. I couldn't find a way to edit my review so this is the best i could do.

Thomas H.
Never recieved

I purchased this to balance charge my lipos but never recieved it. So i can't say how good it works its been 4 months and multiple times reaching out for help through a ticket.

John C.
United Kingdom
Good product

I like this method of charging as all the lipos are individually charged to the target voltage (and I can see the voltages on my charger). It is also safer than parallel charging because all the other lipos cannot discharge into a faulty one.

Olivier f.
Top qualité et livraison rapide

Top qualité et livraison rapide en France

Garrett P.
Great Cable

great cable for when you dont have matching voltages to use a parallel board. use it everyday for my tiny whoops. Make sure you add a bit of hot glue to the wires behind, the jst ph2.0.