Upgrade Frame: Inductrix FPV+ (Plus)

Upgrade Frame: Inductrix FPV+ (Plus)

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This is a upgrade/replacement frame for the Blade Inductrix FPV+ BLH9680.
Much stronger than the stock frame. MUCH stronger!

here is an ebay link fro mosquito forceps (tool to remove motors from frame), as seenin the video above

frame specifications:

  • motor distance (diagonal): 75mm
  • motors mounts: 8x20mm
  • weight: 7g

very robust frame with 8x20mm motors mounts and 40mm ducts. You can find compatible motors, batteries and other parts in the 8020 Whoop category.


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This frame will not break ! I've literally crashed my fpv+ into brick walls, full speed, with this frame installed and it just bounces right off everything ! there is a bit of a weight gain but for how indestructible this frame is, its worth it!!!!

Thomas H.
United States United States
This frame was as advertised.

This frame was as advertised. It is a nice upgrade from the stock frame and so far has been indestructible.

Sean M.
United States
HUGE improvement.

A MUST HAVE upgrade to the Inductrix Plus. A massive improvement over the stock frame!

Aln D.
United States
Inductrix FPV

I am completely satisfied with the product that I ordered.

Francisco S.
United States
Top cover does not fit well

The top cover does not fit well, and so the screws. It feels more robust anyway.

Micro Motor Warehouse

You are right, Francisco. The canopy does not fit perfectly. You need to cut off the parts that protrude the lower plane. A small rotary tool works best. If you dont have one, a pair of lexan scissors would be my next choice. If you dont have that, a pair of nail clippers work good too.