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SpeederBike frame

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Designed by ZIPPIN, the Micro SpeederBike.

Made to fit an AlienWii Narrow, 8.5mm motors, and a mini figure,
its a fast and smooth, but challenging ride.

The SpeederBike does not only resemble a bike in shape, but also in character.
Once you get up to speed and leave the gas open, its a very locked-in, solid flight.
When you slow down, she's getting a little tipsy on the roll.

This frame has gone through many wild iterations, especially on the arm design.

We finally settled on crossed arms with a cross brace and straight mounts, symmetric on front and rear.
The low center of gravity and the narrow stance create a unique flight experience.


- motor mounts: 8.5mm
- 130x52mm outer dimensions
- 120x40mm motor distance
- material: laser-sintered nylon
- weight: 6g

maximum prop size: 66mm.

We recommend the following parts on this frame:
propeller: Parrot 66mm
motor: CL-0820-15 (you need 4 motors in the same direction!)
battery: mylipo 480mAh
flight controller: AlienFC

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