Blade Nano CPS/CPX

For great performance and runtime in the Blade Nano CPS/CPX heli, use:
- CL-8020-14 (CW) as main motor (reverse plug polarity!)
- CL-0615-14 (CCW) as tail motor  (reverse plug polarity!)
- 205mah mylipo batteries

Blade models are using a different color coding to the rest of the industry.
There are two ways you can use MMW motors in the CPS/CPX helis:

For convenience, you can use our CCW motor and CW tail motors, plug them straight in and they will run in the right direction.

For best performance and lifetime, use a CW main motor and a CCW tail motor, and reverse the polarity of the plugs. Wedge a sharp knife in between plug tabs and crimps, pull out an insert in reverse.