Aussie Open 2019 - micro7 spec gear

Bind-and-Fly spec models - its all about your flying skill!

The micro7 spec class at the Aussie Open 2019 will limit competitors to the following hardware specs:

  • 1S batteries with 300mAh max. capacity
  • brushed motors with max. 7mm diameter
  • max. propeller diameter: 31mm
  • max. 25mW Tx power

There will be three types of micro7 flying formats during the event weekend:
1. model&tx provided (mandantory)
2. model&tx provided (optional)
3. BYO

In format 1, model and transmitters are provided. Competitors can not bring their own model or transmitter.
In format 2, model and transmitters are provided by choice. Competitors can bring their model. If competitors bring their own model, they also need to bring their own transmitter.
In format 3, competitors are required to bring model and transmitter.

For format 2 and 3, you are welcome to bring whatever model you have that adheres to above spec rules. We will bring a limited number of models for sale during the event. If you want to be sure to get a model or parts on the days, please place a pre-order!

This Friday (Feb. 22nd) we will place our supply order for the Aussie Open).
Until then, we are offering all participants of the event 20% discount and a local pick-up option on the event!

Use code "AussieOpen2019" during checkout, and select shipping: "AO2019 local pickup".