CL-0820-07 coreless motor
CL-0820-07 coreless motor
CL-0820-07 coreless motor
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CL-0820-07 coreless motor

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 CL-0820-07 is the 2S brother of the 8.5mm workhorse, the 0820-15.
At half the speed rating, the 0820-07 performs on 2S just as its faster sibling on 1S.

CL-0820-07 motors are compatible to the Hubsan H502S, but please note that wire length and plugs are not compatible. You can use a set of Micro-JST-1.25 extension cables and solder those to the FC:

performance data:

  • speed: 7.400Kv
  • operating voltage: 3.0-7.4V
  • factory lifetime rating: 5-6 hours


  • can diameter: 8.5mm
  • can length: 20mm
  • shaft diameter: 1mm
  • shaft length: 5mm
  • weight: 4.9g 

All motor packs contain equal amounts of clockwise and counter clockwise motors. To maximise performance and life span, dont run them in reverse! 

Motor rotation and correct polarity is indicated by the wire color:
clockwise: red +, blue -
counter clockwise: white +, black -

Link to reviews and comparison to other micro motors on rcgroups: 
1s micro/mini brushed quadcopter specifications and performance data

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Leslie L.

CL820-07 motors 7.4v

Very happy with product performance and quality. Delivery times unfortunately a bit long. Cheers

A M.

H502e boost

the CL-0820-07 coreless Beta motor (voltage 7.4V - speed: fast) Brilliant these motors came with micro jst connectors, so once fitted to the flight board they will be easy to change, why the **** Hubsan don't do this is beyond me!!! First flight i noticed they gave a slight boost in power in standard settings, however the stability against the wind was markedly improved, it was only in expert mode that i was able to appreciate the boost and the improved response and handling. 502S owners who can switch off GPS mode will really be able to throw this quad around. I hope MMW will be make these motors available in their range so that other 502 owners can upgrade, so a thumbs up from me.


CL-0820-07 coreless motor Upgrade Hubsan H502

Due to local windy conditions I have only been able to do a 5 min break in and log 20 min flight time on these motors. In slightly windy conditions 0-5. I got 11 minutes no cam, 8 min with cam on. So far flight times are on par with the org. motors. I will continue to log my flight times until motor failure. I have not had any flight control issues. #Note I also monitored motor and ESC output temperatures during break in and quickly after flights. After the second flight I found that one motor was heating up about 4-5 degrees more. I tested temps on the bench to confirm, then opened up the motor pod and cleaned the gear system. After that the motor temp was back in par with the others so keeping your gears free from dust will help a lot with motor life. Thanks Terry

Stuart S.


Service excellent, no problems there. I note that the rotation directions of the shaft , as viewed from the pinion, is reversed. Thus the CW motor rotates in the CCW direction. The motor power is limited to about 1 amp at 7.4V, but can be operated at higher ratings briefly. My need is for a similar motor that can survive 5 amp draw continuous. The current draw depends on the propeller load. A large prop, say 8X5, has reduced RPM but plenty of power, but will burn out the motor. I have a custom prop 8X7 of greatly reduced area that works well but must be run at less then 5V to limit the current draw to 1 amp. The good thing about the 7.4V rating is that I can use an ESC to prevent motor overload, whereas I can't with the 3.7V motors. BTW, I am not using these motors as intended for drone/quadcopter spares, but have my own set-up for making a co-axial contra-rotating propeller unit for regular type flying models, such as a 36" scale Martin-Baker MB 5. This explains my peculiar approach Cheers Supercool

Javier B.


its the first mmw motor ive tried, fly nice