AlienFlight "Classic Narrow" Brushed FC

$60.00 USD

The Mothership - returned it has!

Designed by Lance @ AlienQuads (aka AlienFlight), dark ages of micro copter land. AlienWii - underground history. Not many know.

Handcrafted versions he made. Such rare gems.
Invasion. FETs burning. Children crying. People running. 
Sleep and nerves you lost, yes.

8-bit or 32-bit. It matters little.
Careful crafting, precise execution, knowledge.
It makes flight. 

Product description:

The AlienFlight Brushed FC is a high-performance micro flight controller with integrated ESCs. It runs on Open Source MultiWii firmware, hacked and tuned by the community. 

It is produced in Germany, with carefully selected components, to the highest quality standards available.
Each board is individually finished and tested by hand.

Good hardware is just the foundation.
The key to good multicopter flight are well tuned algorithms.
There are hundreds of settings you can change on an open source FC. To make use of the potential of the AlienWii, you need to learn. A lot.

If you dont want to learn, this is not for you.
If you like learning, if you enjoy the process of getting smarter and making something, you will have a good time with the AlienWii.

You may enter the rabbit hole here:
or here:

The following historic video tutorial described the basic elements of an Alien Brain. Note that peripherals have changed over time, but the spirit and main operation remained. It just got stronger and smaller.

The following Plug N' Fly motors are available with direct fit motor plugs for the AlienWii FC:
- 0720-12 motors
- 0720-14 motors
- 0820-15 direct drive motors
- 0820-17 dark edition direct drive motors

- ATmega32u4 mcu
- MPU6050 accelerometer/gyro sensor unit
- 4x 9.5A ESCs, integrated, to run the strongest micro motors
- USB programmer, integrated
* Serial connection for external DSM2/DSMX sat receiver
- bind button for easy binding
- angled motor connections on each corner
- modular wiring and plugs
- dimensions: 26.7mm x 31.75mm
- weight: 3.6g (without Rx)
- included: receiver cable, JST power cable

Spektrum Compatible DSM2/DSMX satellites are supported in the code (DSM2 by default). To use a DSMX sat you must enable DSMX_BIND_11 or DSMX_BIND_22 and the corresponding SPEKTRUM 1024 or SPEKTRUM 2048 defines in config.h file and recompile with Arduino. You must also ensure your satellite receiver and transmitter both support the enabled options.

here is what is needed to get this board in the air:
- battery (1S)
- frame
- motors (recommended: 0720 or 0820s)
- propellers (e.g. Hubsan X4 props)
- DSM2/DSMX satellite receiver (e.g. Lemon RX)
- DSM2/DSMX Spektrum compatible transmitter or module

Please read the manual for further information! 

You can find the latest sketch here: -> AlienWii Brushed


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