10mm DreamCatcher

this is an experimental build - replicate on your own risk!

Inspired by the Propel Star Wars Drones and the 9.5A FETs on the AlienWii Classic,
the 10mm runs inverted 66mm props, tough enough to mow through the thickest canopy. 

The ingredients are not easy to come by, but if you are determined, here is some help:
- propellers from propel
(they make them, they sell them, but they make it reaaaally hard. No on their main shop, but on this hidden page here you *sometimes* *somehow* can buy clear, inverted 66mm props for 1mm shaft that are near indestructable. When I purchased mine, they were sold at $0.00 (sic!) and limited to 2 sets per order. So I asked a few friends to order two sets and send them to me.
- 1100mAh batteries from mylipo. A lot easier to obtain.. 
- its a PIY frame! Print it yourself. Print file on thingiverse.

MMW can help you out with motors, FCs with strong enough FETs, and receivers:

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