RF Explorer 6G - pre-order until Oct 15th

The RF Explorer is one of those tools.. if it would break today, I would order another one immediately, and then check the tracking page every 10 minutes until it arrives!
It is a handheld real-time spectrum analyser, Im using it to analyse frequency, signal strength and signal form of 5.8GHz fixed-carrier wireless video data transmission of my FPV models.
It makes trouble-shooting and configuring analog video transmitters so much easier!

Watch the following video for a demonstration of the basic functionality:


To analyse 5.8GHz video, you need an RF Explorer with the 6G receiver module. Seed Studio offers three versions of this device and the 6G mdodule pre-installed: the 6G Base Line, the 6G WiFi, and the 6G combo.
In the video above, you see the 6G Combo, which does not only analyse 4.8-6.1GHz, but also 15MHz-2.7GHz. It is possible to analyse the 2.4GHz RC uplink with the 6G Combo, but I found that neither required or interesting. The signal spreading and hopping algorithms used on narrow-band digital transmission do not require the same baby-sitting as fixed-carrier broadband transmission.

The 6G base version costs $225, the 6G Combo version costs $365.
The 6G Wifi version has a limited secondary module, and it costs $270.

Most vendors to not carry the 6G Base version, so to spread the analyzer fun with my buddies, I have decided to place a bulk order with Seeed Studio.
If you want to have an RF Explorer 6G Base for $225, click the link below to get to the pre-order page!
RF-Explorer pre-order, until Oct. 15th!

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