new 7016 frames, and 3 BnFs!

I got some new 7016 frames - better, stronger, and in fancy colors.
There will be in stock in the next few days. Until then, you may checkout 3 hand-built BnFs!

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  • Stefan Meissner on

    Hallo Benedikt,
    ich bin seit langer Zeit von deinem Shop und deinen Filmchen begeistert.
    Dieser Copter muss unbedingt den Weg zu mir finden:-)
    Dann kann ich ihn mit meinen getunten Fliegern vergesellschaften.
    Mach weiter so 🤠.
    NOW The Text in English with iTranslate…
    Hi Benedikt,
    I have been fascinated by your shop and your film for a long time.
    This Copter must definitely find the way to me:-)
    Then I can socialize him with my pimped fliers.
    Keep up so 🤠.

  • John on

    DFM (ducted fan maniacs)

  • Blackroadster on

    I’ve have been following your expertise for several years. I admire the great length you go thru to provide the boost it takes to bring the next generations into flight. I personally have been assisted by your Top Scientust and I certainly appreciated your help for sure. I love my small quads, but live vicariously through your googles and above board flight instructions. I fell through a hole and am flying 250 class IFR and its been a blast for an old guy, but I’m powering up my micro quads and watching all I can. In other words, I think I am coming back to my neglected fleet, both Quads, Planes and especially War Birds. Thanks for the videos, they are very beneficial, a great way to reach the masses and I only wish I had turned my Co. into something that I truly loved to do! you have the best of both worlds.
    I have been watching the whoop for a while and the hoover craft has me drooling for more. Looks like I need to start flying in the house again and get back to my roots.
    Good Luck my friend, and yes, something needs to be done about forming a worthy name for the group. Happy Flying


    Still watching sonce 2015 or so fam way before the inductrix old skool lol #microlifey0 mmwftw

  • Tony Hollon on

    Hello Benedikt, Tonyhollon here in Texas at10:11pm watching yet another episode of the mad scientist and his manic genius at work. I think we should be called quadaholics or whoopidiots or how about The manicobsessives? Or maybe Introvertiacts? Also would like to imagine— The Droneologist Society of Whoopology – as an unconventional and illconceived gathering of like minded tinkering electronophobes! So, what do you think? Do you see anything there to work with? Or are you now more confused than a can of fishing worms? I am also very interested in getting my hands on one of these frames. I built everything else on the planet so why not.
    Cheers, Regards and Dyslexia—Tony

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