Massive Micro Motor Give Away!

its a long story. A reaaally long story about corporate BS. It includes many unpleasant phone calls, a few hundred emails, and resulted in a load of extremely well traveled motors, paid for by an insurance company, ending up in the Micro Motor Labs.
A good part of the batch had to be discarded, but we could save a nice stack of intact layers.

Now.. I have more 0720-14 motors than I could sell in a long time, so I decided to give a few hundred sets away to our customers.

Rules are simple:
For any order at MMW of $10 or more,
add 2 sets of 0720-14 motors to your cart for free!

(automatic discount of $46 applied during checkout)

If you are interested in larger quantities, please send an email to "" for a custom offer.

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  • Darrell Carothers on

    My guess is 4000.

  • Jorge Morbey on

    I think they are like 20 × 200 = 4000
    my answer is 4000 and good luck to all, thanks Dr.Ben you Rock

  • Noe Puente on

    10,000 motors

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