"lowering the bar" - project update Sep. 8th 2018

I had high hopes, but the LunchBoxes turned out to be dysfunctional at best, and a potential hazard for house and life. We have to find a different solution - sorry for the brouhaha!

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  • Brad Jackson on

    Adding UVLO to save the battery should be a fairly easy spin of the PCB. Hopefully they can get this done quickly. The concept is pretty cool.

  • Blackroadster on

    Benedikt, your idea plus the strategy for the project was very innovative for the organization & expansion of micro flight and FPV, that being said, I know you have a plan “C” so hang in there. At the very least you got a working vacation. Go Mad Scientist on your vendor & get the circuit specs corrected. It’s not over till the “Fat Lady Sings”.

  • Ron on

    Dang it this looked cool to

  • Craig Sutton on

    I new this lunchbox was going to be a fail. Funny thing is J.P has been onboard with it since day 1.

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