"lowering the bar" - project update Sep. 5th 2018

Jumper T8SG v2 Plus - a mouthful of a name for a very compact radio! Hall sensor gimbals, multi-protocol RF modules, and simple programming over USB storage - this transmitter combines exactly what Im asking for of a great radio: highly functional, yet easy to use. Its a great radio for a beginner, but it also satisfies experienced pilots.

micro7 - a compact micro quad based on years of step-by-step evolution. Great flight performance, compact, robust, and a list of features that you usually only find on larger models, including OSD, telemetry and s.audio. That means you can see statistics (e.g. flight time and battery voltage) on the video stream and on the radio, and you can configure video channel plus output power from the transmitter.
The electronics (flight controller and camera) come as one unit, so there is no soldering required to assemble a kit. Four screws, four motors, four propellers - and you are done!
We are still working on a new version of the canopy to make it look slick and keep the camera safe during crashes.

DaLunchboxes have arrived too - unfortunately they are not working as intended. A few minor issues (watch the video for details), and one major setback: the internal battery does not work.
We are working with the supplier to sort out these issues asap. I will only start selling these ground stations when Im 100% happy to use them for my own flying.


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