How to setup flight modes on the Inductrix FPV + (Plus) with a Spektrum DX6i radio

If you bind your Inductrix FPV Plus to a Spektrum DX6i with a default model configuration, the GEAR switch will change modes, between red and green.
If you prefer blue (altitude hold) instead of red (rate, acro) mode, you need to change the GEAR end points in the TRAVEL ADJ menu:

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  • Robert Romero on

    Aux1 set to momentary switch for arming and meow mode

    Gear set to 3 way switch for choosing 3 flight modes (acro etc)

  • inconspicuous on

    To those of you having issues with arming: In my experience, the quad will not arm at -100 (throttle all the way down). I set my throttle offset to -79 and that fixed it. (or you can just raise your throttle to -79)

  • James on

    My motors wont arm. How do I arm motors with DX6i? I thought throttle cut would do it so I activated it but it didn’t work. Thanks.

  • Travis S on

    How do you have your DX6i configured? Mine takes off hard to the left as soon as I give it throttle. I’ve tried adjusting the Aileron, throttle, etc. Could you give me your exact settings so that I can see if that works?

  • Bob van den Broek on


    Which switch arms the motors on a DX6i? Can’t get the props to spin on this Inductrix pro

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