BetaFlight 3.4 / MockingBird v2 on BetaFPV F3 FC

If you want to fly on the bleeding edge, I suggest you install BetaFlight 3.4 with MockingBird v2 settings on your F3 Whoop FC.

Here is a teaser video with some brief installation instructions:

and here is the related community thread with firmware and settings:

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  • Nathan Payne on

    You pointed out two issue. The first is how it flips out when pulling out of a dive. That issue also happens when making a high speed bank turn. The same issue has happened on all my Betaflight builds where there are ducts around the motors. It happens on both brushed and brushless builds. I have been trying to get to the bottom of this, and I will let you know if I find anything conclusive.

    You also mentioned the issue where it gets confused after a crash. That’s the accelerometer getting whacked out of alignment. It will fix itself over time, but that’s not great. The good news is that they did fix a bug in 3.4. If you land for a moment, then disarm and re-arm it will reset the accelerometer and fly normally. Previously, you had to wait a while or the quad would immediately flip over when you tried to take off. I should also point out that acro mode does not depend on the accelerometer, so you won’t have this problem in acro mode (just angle mode or horizon mode).

    I hope that helps. I’m not a Betaflight dev, but I do contribute to Project Mockingbird. I’m “Mr ShutterBug” on YouTube. Cheers!

  • Henrik on

    it’s dificullt to read whhat happen on movie
    it’ be nice if it’s in full screen.
    it gives no sens to watch on speeker
    best regards

  • David Nickell on

    I’ve been using BF 3.3.3 with Mockingbird v2. I am impressed with the Mockingbird setup. Much better than stock BF parameters. Question: do the Mockingbird parameters hold up with larger frame sizes (e.g., 75mm)?

  • Dan on

    How would these settings work out on a different BF board like the Furious Acrowhoop V2 ? Any point In trying ? Thanks

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