a comparison: Jumper T8SG v2+ vs. Jumper T12

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  • WilliamPseug on


  • Davidzig on

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  • kurt on

    Nope, After seeing the videos of an XK heli fly with one and getting a T12 to try to pair with it, afraid
    I’m sticking with the T8SG V2 Plus. Couldn’t get the T12 to pair with 3 different XK helis. Open TX
    is counter intuitive in my book. I used a setup file that was posted under a video that was stated to work. T12 instructions are non-exsistent and no open board like for Deviation. A waste of money.

  • robert best on

    I have a Jumper T8SG V2 Plus
    I have just got it but i do not know how to start getting it to work on my mjx bugs 2 &3 also furibee f36, daming dm104s ?
    do I have to do a update from the devation website ? I’m lost & need help

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