6x17mm motors on the Whoop! September 20 2017, 0 Comments

A few months ago, on the search for more power, we came to the idea to use longer motors for our favourite micro FPV platform.
But these motors didnt fit into any existing Whoop frame, so the idea did not really take off too well, until Jesse "Tiny Whoop" Perkins discovered that they fit perfectly into a modified Cockroach frame, which makes a very powerful and durable 6mm Whoop!

*Now* we are talking. Thats some good punch for a 6mm Whoop!
To share the fun, TinyWhoop and Micro Motor Warehouse bring you a fine selection of kits to take your Whooping to the next level:

If you are using Spektrum/DSM and want all the parts to copy Jesse's build (video above), get this kit from TinyWhoop.com!
If you want to convert your existing Whoop, you can use the 6x17 conversion kit.
If you are using Taranis/FrSky and want all the parts to copy Benedikt's build (video below), get this kit from Micro Motor Warehouse.