Nano QX FPV vs. Cat

Happy Cat - Happy Life!

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  • MayocaPaida on

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  • Art on

    Hello and thanks for your video! Did you by any chance purchase the CL-0165-019 motors in your collection of motors you purchased?
    I accidentally purchased them <CL-0165-019’s motors> and they have way too much punch out power that I cannot control it.
    I’m wondering if they’d work “after” I install all the other 3rd-party upgrades I plan on buying (FPV camera, antenna, extra LED’s). I accidentally broke the tiny stock copper wire antenna it came with. Is there a better, longer ranged antenna I can replace it with?

    Thank you very much for you help. I’m LOVING THIS NANO QX. AND IT’S STILL STOCK (other than the wrong motors and 210 mAh batteries I’m using). Which batteries are u using btw?

    Artie, Seattle, WA.,

    SORRY FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS So, I’ll summarize them:
    1 – Did you happen to purchase the CL-0165-019’s?
    2 – If yes, is there a way to control the (over)power I’m getting (after installing upgrades)? Btw, I haven’t bought a 3rd party controller yet either. I heard you can control power output with some of these Spektrum DX’s I’m looking at getting the DXe.
    3 – Is there a better/longer range antenna I can purchase which can replace the stock Nano QX wired one?
    4 – Which Nano-batteries do you recommend once I go FPV?
    5 – Is there a way to be able to contact you, if you don’t mind? I’m
    Thank you thank you thank you!!

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