The Dromida Vista - "dynamically durable"?

Hello my friends,

Dromida has released the Vista. It is the successor to the "unstoppable menace", and it is "dynamically durable".
If you have a look into the "manual", it becomes a little more clear what they mean by dynamic durability: If you crash this thing on throttle, the durability of the motors quickly adjusts to zero.

For many of the early Vista buyers, these dynamic adjustments have already taken place during the first few flights. Many motors died, and my inbox got hammered with request for an affordable motor replacement, with less dynamic in the durability.

So.. I got my hands on a Vista. Flew it stock for a few packs. Flies OK. Much more stable than the Ominus.
My stock motors didnt have a problem, but they had to go eventually, and make room for a set of 0820-15s.

Drop-in replacement, performance slightly increased.
Motor man approves!

I also did a few load tests on the battery. Very good pack! Delivers up to 12A, thats enough punch to run the motors at full blast.

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