Motors and batteries for the Blade Inductrix

Hello my friends,

here are the results of my Inductrix testing:
- in stock form, it flies OK. Very stable. Very quiet. 4-5 minutes runtime.
- with 205mAh mylipo battery and stock motors, you get 1-2 minutes more flight time, and similar performance to the stock pack.
- with 0615-11 motors and 205mah mylipo, you get 1-2 minutes more flight time over stock, and slightly better performance.
- with 0615-14 motors, and 205mah mylipo, you get similar flight time to the stock setup, and much more punch.

My verdict on the Inductrix:
Nice indoor flyer. The ducts make a good prop guard, but dont seem to add much performance. Its more wind sensitive than other micros.
CL-0615-11 motors and 205mah battery is my favourite setup to fly around the office.

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