mylipo - no more cry! August 15 2015, 0 Comments

short time ago..
far island in the Pacific,
a man try to become friendship with micro lipos
he try replace crappy nanotech packs, he wants more power, more fly time

he goes to the East. Sales man tell him: more fly longer, all cheap, it will be fun
when the man used East lipo, quad crashed, not flying long at all.
he cannot believe. Sales man ly! Man cry.
he go back to nanotech.
he cannot believe

 back to work. working hard. lots of money,
he goes to West. he buys expensive battery with great looking label.
Sales man tell him, worth the price. And the man goes fly. Worse! Not flying powerful! Getting big and fluffy. He pulls label off - and he cannot believe: second label with lower number underneath. He know label from East.
man cries. a lot. he go back to nanotech
he cannot belive 

he goes to mama. "what should I do!"
mama says: "son. you idiot.
 buy not from sales man.
buy from Engineer!"

looking for engineer
the man meets Boris from mylipo
Boris give him special lipo
all will be good
he says

and it was good
good punch - long fly
much happy!
no more cry!

but now: problem!
all his friends are jealous 
they still have crappy battery
so he goes back to Boris, make plan

this plan:
Micro Motor Warehouse
selling batteries.