FPV 5.8Ghz receiver comparison: ImmersionRC 5800 vs. Boscam FR632 June 13 2016

How good is the reception of a circular polarised 5.8Ghz signal out of a micro FPV transmitter through 1-4 brick walls?
Here is a comparison between two receivers, both using 2x RHCP Mad Mushroom antennas, on Youtube and on Vimeo:




Note: Analog reception issues do not compress well. The digital artefacts you see in above videos are not visible when watching the stream on site, before compression. The first stage of compression happens when I encode the the footage to H.264 using Final Cut, and another layer of compression comes on top when the content provider process it.

If you are interested in a version of the video that has been treated by neither vimeo or youtube, you can click the vimeo logo in above video and download the original uploaded file. That still has some compression on it (raw footage is several GB per minute), but it is closer to the original stream.