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Rambo Whoop got an update! May 21 2017

Lighter frame, lighter cam, new camera mounts, options for motors and batteries, Rambo Whoop gets even faster!

205mAh and 255mAh High Voltage packs now in the US! March 24 2017

Maximum power for your Whoop - nothing punches harder than the LiHV packs from mylipo, and we just a batch of the 205mAh and 255mAh High Voltage packs in the US!

Check out our complete range of 1S mylipo packs here: https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/batteries

limited number of Rambo Whoop kits in the US available! March 14 2017

Many have asked for it, so we finally got all the bits and bobs together to offer a limited number of exclusive Rambo Whoop kits!


Rambo Whoop - what the doctor recommends! November 16 2016

Want a crazy fast and tough Precision Whoop?
Dr. Whoop has just the recipe for you:

For part list and FC settings, click here!

How to charge lots of small lipo packs? November 11 2016

If you are flying Tiny Whoop, Inductrix, Nano QX, or any micro sized heli or plane, you will have noticed that flight times are short.
Runtime doesnt scale well into the micro world..

The smaller an aircraft is, the more weight and space is used (in relation) for essential parts such as motors, wiring and electronics, so they are less efficient. 

To get you daily dose of micro flying fun, you need lots of batteries, and you need to know how to charge them quickly and safely.

Watch this video to learn the essentials of micro lipo charging in 10 minutes:

The adapters used in this tutorial are available here:

Hitec X4 charger is damaging batteries! September 22 2016

If you have a Hitec X4 Micro charger, dont plug your Nanox QX or Inductrix batteries directly into it, that will damage the connectors on the batteries!

Since ebay delivered some wonky results (sorry..) we made some good quality adapters for you: https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/products/micro-jst-1-25-adapter-cables-for-hitec-x4-micro

FPV 5.8Ghz receiver comparison: ImmersionRC 5800 vs. Boscam FR632 June 13 2016

How good is the reception of a circular polarised 5.8Ghz signal out of a micro FPV transmitter through 1-4 brick walls?
Here is a comparison between two receivers, both using 2x RHCP Mad Mushroom antennas, on Youtube and on Vimeo:




Note: Analog reception issues do not compress well. The digital artefacts you see in above videos are not visible when watching the stream on site, before compression. The first stage of compression happens when I encode the the footage to H.264 using Final Cut, and another layer of compression comes on top when the content provider process it.

If you are interested in a version of the video that has been treated by neither vimeo or youtube, you can click the vimeo logo in above video and download the original uploaded file. That still has some compression on it (raw footage is several GB per minute), but it is closer to the original stream.

US Warehouse closed until Apr. 24th April 16 2016

Our US Warehouse is temporarily closed until Apr. 24th.
You can still order during that time, but orders will not be shipped out until April 24th.

"Welcome to the Dark Side!" - the Syma X5 March 04 2016

If you want to inject the force into YOUR Syma X5, here are the ingredients:

Shipping costs increase January 18 2016

US Post, AU Post and Deutsche Post all raised their prices over the change of the year. Our shipping prices are calculated at cost, that means we have to raise our shipping charges too.
Effective today, we have increased all our shipping charged by $1, that means a standard shipment of 1-2 sets of motors costs now $5 in postage.

Reviving a dinosaur! November 24 2015

In micro quad years, this frame is very, very old:

It was my first own custom. If you want a copy, I have setup a shop on shapeways.
Check it out here: http://shpws.me/DIVC

UAVFutures made a nice FPV build tutorial video for us! November 20 2015

a pictured guide to super-charge your nQX FPV November 17 2015

Like your nQX and want to double your flight time? You can keep the FC and the cam, but the rest needs to go ;)
Here is one way to do it: https://imgur.com/a/9BnHu

Self-levitating programmable matter - powered by MMW! November 10 2015

Awesome micro copter science is going on!

Here is a link to the related article:

Cargo center piece for the DreamCatcher October 27 2015

If you want to fly a DreamCatcher with some payload, here is a suggestion in form of a print file: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1094563

Works like this: print two, mounts your stuff as desired, stack them together, fix with rubber bands.

The Micro Motor Community is live! October 12 2015

To give our friends and customers a place to discuss and progress our hobby, the Micro Motor Community went live on community.micro-motor-warehouse.com.

If you have a question about micro quads that others might have too,
the setup question category is the right place to ask!

Looking for the FVP components for your next build? Have a look what we use, or share your equipment if you got it working!

1st Indoor FPV racing event in Sydney, Australia! October 08 2015

Want to join us? Go to FPVR.org!

First production run of the Carbon-Hex is ready! October 02 2015

Its here!


Nano QX FPV vs. Cat September 27 2015

Happy Cat - Happy Life!

More Parrot props! September 26 2015

The King of micro props is back!
66mm Parrot Rolling Spider propellers. More power, better balance than any other micro props.

The Dromida Vista - "dynamically durable"? September 23 2015

Hello my friends,

Dromida has released the Vista. It is the successor to the "unstoppable menace", and it is "dynamically durable".
If you have a look into the "manual", it becomes a little more clear what they mean by dynamic durability: If you crash this thing on throttle, the durability of the motors quickly adjusts to zero.

For many of the early Vista buyers, these dynamic adjustments have already taken place during the first few flights. Many motors died, and my inbox got hammered with request for an affordable motor replacement, with less dynamic in the durability.

So.. I got my hands on a Vista. Flew it stock for a few packs. Flies OK. Much more stable than the Ominus.
My stock motors didnt have a problem, but they had to go eventually, and make room for a set of 0820-15s.

Drop-in replacement, performance slightly increased.
Motor man approves!

I also did a few load tests on the battery. Very good pack! Delivers up to 12A, thats enough punch to run the motors at full blast.

Motors and batteries for the Blade Inductrix September 23 2015

Hello my friends,

here are the results of my Inductrix testing:
- in stock form, it flies OK. Very stable. Very quiet. 4-5 minutes runtime.
- with 205mAh mylipo battery and stock motors, you get 1-2 minutes more flight time, and similar performance to the stock pack.
- with 0615-11 motors and 205mah mylipo, you get 1-2 minutes more flight time over stock, and slightly better performance.
- with 0615-14 motors, and 205mah mylipo, you get similar flight time to the stock setup, and much more punch.

My verdict on the Inductrix:
Nice indoor flyer. The ducts make a good prop guard, but dont seem to add much performance. Its more wind sensitive than other micros.
CL-0615-11 motors and 205mah battery is my favourite setup to fly around the office.

Friday! September 12 2015

Its Friday, my friends. Time for some binge flying..

Ready for a challenge? September 07 2015

Hello my friends,
here is a DIY recipe for a $70 micro FPV setup. If you build this thing and make a video of it,
you get a $150 store credit at Micro Motor Warehouse. See article for details!

MicroQuad thrust tests September 05 2015

AndyRC is testing motor/propeller/battery combinations.
Of course, the Dark Force knocks it out of the park!


The home of Reggae Shark September 04 2015

multiFlite FC - FET exploded August 18 2015

When the hex hit the tree, the Dark Force choked one of the FETs on the multiFlite FC. Half of the FET got pulverized, part of the plug housing was molten, and the traces are burnt too much to resolder a new FET.
Too bad.. it was fun as it lasted!

Time to break out the spare (always order two!) and ask the folks at multiFlite if they can help me fixing ;)

4-way diversity Rx in action! August 17 2015

D58-4: 4-way diversity receiver @ Foxtech

MultiFlite FC - first build August 15 2015

Hello my friends,
the postman brought me a multiFlite Nano-B-FC flight controller.

It runs CleanFlight, connects to a DSM satellite, and has 6 integrated ESCs.

  • Carbon Micro-Hex frame prototype, black nylon hardware
  • discontinued Old School Dark Force CL-0820-17 motors
  • discontinued v252 props
  • LemonRX DSM2 satellite Rx
  • RMRC Pico Wide v2 FPV camera
  • vTx: 5.8GHz, 400mw, TX5826
  • Banggood micro-CL antenna
  • RMRC 5V step-up for noise filtering

mylipo - no more cry! August 15 2015

short time ago..
far island in the Pacific,
a man try to become friendship with micro lipos
he try replace crappy nanotech packs, he wants more power, more fly time

he goes to the East. Sales man tell him: more fly longer, all cheap, it will be fun
when the man used East lipo, quad crashed, not flying long at all.
he cannot believe. Sales man ly! Man cry.
he go back to nanotech.
he cannot believe

 back to work. working hard. lots of money,
he goes to West. he buys expensive battery with great looking label.
Sales man tell him, worth the price. And the man goes fly. Worse! Not flying powerful! Getting big and fluffy. He pulls label off - and he cannot believe: second label with lower number underneath. He know label from East.
man cries. a lot. he go back to nanotech
he cannot belive 

he goes to mama. "what should I do!"
mama says: "son. you idiot.
 buy not from sales man.
buy from Engineer!"

looking for engineer
the man meets Boris from mylipo
Boris give him special lipo
all will be good
he says

and it was good
good punch - long fly
much happy!
no more cry!

but now: problem!
all his friends are jealous 
they still have crappy battery
so he goes back to Boris, make plan

this plan:
Micro Motor Warehouse
selling batteries.

You say overkill? I say 4-way! August 14 2015

Hello my friends,

this is a 4-way diversity receiver, I bought it from Foxtech.

With three lengths of LMR240 cable, distributing
- one IBCrazy Airscrew antenna
- one TrueRC X-Hair antenna
- one TrueRC Fan antenna
- one True RC Horizon antenna
around the house,
will this be the ultimate home-flyer FPV ground station? 

I will find out!

Micro EDF Quad - Inductrix August 12 2015

Hello my friends,

do you know how a ducted propeller works?

How about ducted propellers on a micro quad?

Blade Inductrix - looks like an awesome toy!
Here is the related RCGroups thread
First Micro Motor Pioneers report that the CL-0615 motors work in the Inductrix too ;)

New brain species discovered! August 11 2015

Hello my friends,

far away on a foggy island, 
a new micro flight controller has hit the scene:

Is she is strong enough for the Dark Force?
Here is a link to the FC page on multiflite.co.uk.

HoneyBadger - FPV frame August 10 2015

Hello my friends,

This is one of the lightest micro quad frame I have seen yet
Thank you Scott for sending me a prototype - its quite a ride!

Here is a link to the Team RaceKraft shop.

This is the Micro Motor Blog! August 09 2015

Hello my friends,

this is the Micro Motor Blog,
straight from the Micro Motor Labs.

The latest news from Micro Copter Land,
and the usual dose of Micro Motor Madness.

Have fun!

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