Micro Motor Jobs

pencil artists wanted! February 28 2016

Are you good with pencil drawings?

Here is your chance to score a free t-shirt and some micro quad gear: 
The Micro Quad pencil art contest: Win YOUR custom t-shirt!

Hack-a-Quad video contest! February 23 2016

Got a video camera? Or a smart phone?
You came here to buy some replacement motors for your broken/slow micro quad?

Great!, lets make a deal:
Put a set of our motors into your quad, document the process on video,
and we will give you your cash back!

To qualify, your video has to be one of the first three for your particular model.
Further information and the place to post your video is here: http://community.micro-motor-warehouse.com/t/hack-a-quad-the-toyquad-hacking-contest/840

are you a mad photographer? February 18 2016

Are you living micro photography?

If you can take awesome pictures of small stuff, 
we will send you awesome small stuff. Free house.
Apply at jobs@micro-motor-warehouse.com!

we want to hire YOU! February 18 2016

If YOU are a technology enthusiast and want to contribute to the Micro Motor Mission, here is your chance to earn some hard Micro Motor Currency in return!

If you do something to help our community or our business, we will pay you with a bag full of nice gear!

Watch this blog few new job posts, and if its the right one for you,
please email us at jobs@micro-motor-warehouse.com.
Your own good ideas are also most welcome!

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